About us

ForexHSI is all about offering smart online trading & forex education. ForexHSI is a centralised hub of forex market information and a compendium of information and resources for today’s forex trader. With ForexHSI, the days of traders groping in the dark and submitting themselves as bait and food for the sharks in the market are over. We aim to provide you with inspiring information about forex which is geared towards making you take action.

At ForexHSI, the success of our traders and readers is paramount. Forget the naysayers that say forex is all a scam. Many of these are losers who are not interested in improving themselves and want to drag everyone down the precipice with them. Pay attention to the content of ForexHSI if you want to succeed in trading. Our team is made up of real traders and certified professionals in the market; those who have been taught the right way and the right things about the forex market, its nuances and the inner workings.

On ForexHSI, we are all about the following:

Brokers: Brokers keep your money, give you the trading platforms, provide you with price feeds and other market data. They are too important to your business and you need to deal with the best. Who are these brokers, where are they located, how are they regulated and what are those important stuff you need to know about forex brokers? Check out our pages on UK forex brokers, US forex brokers and what benefits they offer traders apart from regulation.

Forex Robots: Forex robots have undergone tremendous evolution since they first hit the markets a little more than a decade ago. How are forex robots used today? Understand the advantages of autotrading and how it can boost your profits.

Demo Accounts: Demo accounts have been both underrated and overestimated over time. At ForexHSI, we show you how to use a forex demo account. You will be a bit surprised at how underutilized your demo account has been.

Trading CFDs: Understand how to trade Contracts-for-Difference in forex, stocks and indices.

Bonuses: What kinds of bonuses are available to you as you open your live trading accounts? Understand the concepts behind deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses. We also showcase the brokers that offer these bonuses.

Trading Platforms: Brief tutorials on the trading platforms available to traders in the retail forex market indicate the key functions that can be used or deployed on these platforms. Get to know the new MT5 platform, the NinjaTrader as well as the original MT4 platform.

Forex Technical Analysis: What are the basic principles of forex technical analysis, and how can traders use technical analysis to fashion out trades? Find out more about this in our forex education section at ForexHSI. We have loads of courses that take the mystery out of forex technical analysis.

Forex Tools: Get access to our array of forex tools: an economic news calendar, a forex rates table, a glossary and live forex charts.

Forex Courses: Get access to our suite of beginner and advanced level courses that present explanatory material on anything that has to do with forex.

There is a lot more that you can get by joining ForexHSI. All our content is written and prepared by industry professionals with professional certifications. Therefore, you are assured of getting factual content that will actually transform your trading. Why not delve into the site and discover things for yourself?