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Apple iPhone 7 Price in the Philippines and Specs

The new Jet Black color variant. Although the new iPhone 7 may look similar to the previous generation iPhone, details and internals were the places Apple spent their time on.

In the launching of the new iPhone 7 event, the creator of the popular Nintendo game “Mario” Shigeru Miyamoto introduced the new Mario game “Super Mario Run” for iOS. Aside coque huawei p 8 from that, Japanese users rejoice, thanks to the announcement that the new iPhone is coming with an IC card technology “FeliCa” which has been a common means of payment in Japan specially in its transit. We had the chance to spend some time with the new iPhone 7 and we coque huawei p8 lite loup would like to report everything in the detail.

There were many special guests scheduled to appear for the iPhone 7 launching event in San Francisco, but the first one out of the bat was coque huawei honor 8a the creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario has been busy recently, even appearing on the Rio Olympic Games closing ceremony, now it also finds its way to the iOS. Named as the “Super Mario Run,” it shares coque huawei coque iphone xr starbuck y5 rose similar game play as of the traditional Mario game but this, aside from accumulating gold coins, Mario needs to avoid holes buy jumping, where in this case users’ need to tap their screen (Temple Run like game). “The Super Mario Run is just like the Super Mario game, easy and simple for everyone to play,” said Shigeru Miyamoto, the game can be operated by just using one hand to tap the display, he even added that “People can enjoy playing the game while riding the train or even while eating a hamburger or an apple.”

Every gamer possesses individual skills and they can apply it very easily in the new Super Mario Run game. They coque huawei p20 lite manga can speed thru the game with Mario’s B dash or collect plenty of coins to build their own kingdom. It’s pretty simple and fun which could possibly be very addictive to play. Tim Cook, Chief Executive (CEO) of Apple, coque huawei p8 pas cher expressed his gratitude for bringing the new Mario app in the iOS first, followed by other smartphone platforms. The new game is scheduled to be available in the App Store for free in December.

Aside from the presentation of the Super Mario Run app, the sensational location based augmented reality game that got more than 500 Million downloads all over the world, the Pokemon GO app will be available for the Apple Watch by the end of the year. Thanks to this, Pokemon trainers won’t have to check their iPhone at every PokeStop coque huawei p8 lite 2017 flamant rose or when a Pokemon appears. In addition, they can also enjoy playing the game while doing their normal routine like walking or jogging, safer with the added benefit of hatching eggs without losing too much attention on their exercise.

The Japanese market coque huawei doctor who is very excited about coque huawei p20 lite tpu the new FeliCa coque huawei mate 20 lite noir feature on the iPhone 7. This was one of the main reasons why the iPhone didn’t appeal that much to the consumers in Japan. Japanese consumers use contactless payment a lot. Aside from using hakuna matata coque iphone xr it as a commuter pass on public transits, contactless payment is also widely used in convenient stores, supermarkets and even on vending machines. Apple has already published details on their official site and has cooperated with Japan’s JR East line to make contactless payment in conjunction with Apple Pay. This is certainly great news to faithful iPhone users and who are planning to get the new iPhone 7 coque huawei mate 20 pro disney in Japan since coque huawei p8 lite tic tac all this time, they’ve been placing their reloadable NFC cards inside their iPhone case’ just to make up for that one feature iPhone didn’t provided before.

The Map app can also explore and search routes related to Japan.

New color, waterproof, coque huawei p9 arbre de vie new home button, dual camera and the absence of the headphone jack

The star of the main event was none other than the new iPhone 7. Even though the overall design did not significantly change from the previous “iPhone 6s” series, the new iPhone 7’s antenna parts were relocated and was brushed up to have a more simple design. In addition to the Black, Silver and Rose Gold, Apple also introduced a new color variation the “Jet Black” which features a very glossy finish that certainly adds more class coque iphone xr manchester united to the overall design.

The Jet black is very shiny especially when it hits the light. Surely it’ll attract plenty of marking from the users fingers but to our surprise, it didn’t quite get that coque huawei 7s much than what we initially expectedThanks to the relocation of the antenna parts now located at the top and bottom of the device, the back of the new iPhone 7 now looks more refreshing than ever

Another surprising feature for the new iPhone 7 is that it now comes with strangers things coque iphone xr a water and dustproof IP67 standards. It also comes with a new solid state Home button, that uses the same Taptic engine found on the Apple Watch and MacBook to give a more precise and customizable tactile feedback. Thankfully, chances of breaking the Home Button is also reduced since it was one of the issues encountered on previous iPhones devices.

Users can also customize the feedback with three different settings.

Many were excited to see the changes made with the new iPhone 7’s camera. Going on the standard model first, although it may not seem to have a big update compared to the previous model, the standard iPhone 7’s rear shooter is far more than better compared to its predecessor. The standard model now comes with Optical Image Stabilization (which in the previous model coque moto iphone xr was only available with the Plus variant) and has a clearer outcome in low light scenarios thanks to the new f/1.8 lens. The 12MP main camera is also capable of taking 4k videos. Moving on, in the front, from 5MP on the standard iPhone 6s, the standard iPhone 7 comes with a 7MP “FaceTime HD” camera. And with the new “A10 Fusion” chip, Apple says that color balance and image processing is now more enhanced than ever before.

If you want the biggest upgrade, then the iPhone 7 coque huawei mate 20 pro boulanger Plus is the variant you opt to look out for. It comes 2 12MP cameras, a 12 megapixel wide angle camera and a 12 megapixel telephoto camera dual camera system that the company claims can provide x10 optical zoom on photos and 6x optical zoom on video shooting. In addition, the new dual camera has a sharper, deeper colors and wider dynamic range. It can also take DSLR like portraits and who doesn’t love that blur effect in the background.

By tapping the “2X” on the screen, you can zoom in on the image.

When it comes to the iPhone 7’s sound system, you won’t be disappointed since it now comes with 2 built in stereo speakers. Surely you won’t be humiliated with the quality and loudness it provides when playing music or when you’re enjoying watching videos or movies. Before coque huawei p10 pro mate the launching of the new iPhone 7, rumors had it that Apple will finally be eliminating the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of a Lightning port only system. And Apple did. Phil Schiller explained, that by eliminating the 3.5mm headphone jack, not only did they achieved a coque huawei p10 lite pikachu slimmer design but by using the Lightning port as a connector, users can now control and enjoy a better audio system. Apple is also known to make courageous decisions in order to innovate and provide consumers the necessary technology fitted in the era we are living.

If you’re worried about not being able to use your favorite headphone on the iPhone 7, forget about it. Apple has also included a dongle in the package which serves as a converter for regular headphones if you prefer to use them over Apple’s Lightning headphones.

Apple also released its new Bluetooth earphone called the “AirPods” and it’s not your ordinary wireless earphones. Design aside, it comes with a dedicated rechargeable case that works in sync with the iPhone which can be paired very simply and doesn’t need to be paired countless times when once you’ve paired it with other devices such as Macs, iPads or iPods.

It also comes with an optical coque huawei p8 nike and motion acceleration sensor. It can automatically play music once you place them inside your ears, stop the track or play it on speaker when you put them off. You can also activate Siri by double tapping, and speak through the built in microphones located on the bottom edge of the unit. It can play tracks for 3 hours and only takes 15 minutes to recharge.

The AirPods is equipped with a “W1 chip” in order to achieve both connectivity and sound quality. If you’re wondering why the AirPods is designed that way and why does it looks like a regular Apple earphone without a wire, well, the battery and the antenna are too blame for that. The AirPods is scheduled to release in late October for the price of USD 159.

When it comes to Performance, both the Phone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus comes with a Quad core “A10 Fusion” chip that features 2 high performance core and 2 high efficiency core for more efficient processing and battery life. Though a lot of great features have been added to this year’s iPhone, we’re quite disappointed about the lack of changes made with the design. But Apple clearly made it up with the new water and dust resistance IP67 certification, coque grise iphone xr Contactless payment (FeliCa) feature, stereo speakers and dual camera set up…

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