Forex demo accounts

Introduction: What Are Forex Demo Accounts?

Forex demo accounts are trading accounts that are funded with virtual money, and which allow traders to review and test the features of forex trading platforms before they trade with real money. These accounts are provided by forex brokerage firms to allow traders to conduct trading activities using simulated funds.

Using demo accounts, forex traders can experiment with a broad range of financial products including forex, options, commodities, stocks, futures, among others. Also, a demo account allows a trader to test out different trading strategies to ascertain the one that works best for them. This account type is beneficial to both new and experienced traders, as it enables them to gain from trading with a forex brokerage company firsthand. By testing a broker’s services, traders will be able to assess whether the features of the system are to their liking before they start trading with real money.

Forex Demo Accounts: Try Trading Before You Buy

Understanding the features of forex demo accounts is part of the process of taking those ankle-length steps into water before taking the plunge. What are the basic elements of demo account trading?

  • Forex demo accounts allow traders to understand the process of executing trades using virtual money.
  • Forex demo accounts are risk-free.
  • Spreads are for the most part tighter in demo accounts.
  • Price feeds are not always live feeds.
  • Traders won’t encounter slippage and requote with demo accounts, as there is nobody taking trades in the demo environment.

Reasons Why Forex Demo Accounts Are Necessary

Every forex trader needs a little simulation to learn the ins and outs of a trading platform before they get into a real business transaction. Demo accounts are necessary because they help turn beginners into real forex traders and help experience traders test their skills on a particular trading system so that they can make the right investment decision. Here are some of the reasons why it is imperative for every trader to try out a forex demo account:

  • Demo accounts allow traders to test strategies, exchanges, products, and order executions with account values and prices dictated by actual market conditions, such as fees and commissions without risking their own money.
  • Trading accounts give traders access to advanced trading tools, allowing them to learn and perfect their use before they begin real trading.
  • Demo accounts allow traders to get a feel of the market’s dynamics. Trading on demo accounts allows traders to become acquainted with price movements such as when they move fastest and when they do not move at all. Traders get to know how price movements differ across different timeframes, markets, and forex pairs.
  • Forex demo accounts let beginner traders learn how to use a platform for trading purposes. Traders get to understand the difference between a market and a pending order, how a stop and limit order work, as well as how they can stop loss and take profits, among other things.
  • With demo accounts being a risk-free trading environment, traders can use them as a ground for perfecting their trading skills without the risk of loss. This makes traders more willing to try out new trading strategies and establish what works best for them.

Process of Opening a Forex Demo Account on MT5

Opening a demo account on the MT5 platform is pretty easy and straightforward. Note that you can create a demo account on the MT5 platform by either filling an online form directly on your broker’s website or from the MT5 platform itself. Here are the steps involved in opening a demo account from the MT5 platform:

  • Download the MT5 platform.
  • In the file menu, click “Open an Account.” You can also do this in the context menu of the Navigator window.
  • Select the server on which you intend to open the account from a list of available demo account servers for your preferred broker. If you are unable to find the required server on the list, press “Insert” or click the “add new broker” option to enter one.
  • After that, click the “Next” option to create your login profile.
  • After doing the above, a new window will pop up, prompting you to either add a new demo account or an existing one.
  • Select the “new demo account” option, enter your details, and then click the “Next” button to continue.
  • Confirm that you agree to receive newsletters at the designated email address by ticking the “I agree to subscribe to your newsletters” option.
  • After that, click the “Next” button to complete the account creation process.

Forex Demo Accounts: Best Practices

It is highly beneficial for traders to acquaint themselves with the best practices of opening forex demo accounts. As stated earlier, forex demo accounts work in the same way as real trading accounts, with just a few key differences. As such, it is important that every trader who intends to open a forex demo account aligns themselves with professional procedures that are accepted as being correct in the financial industry. A commitment to following the best forex trading practices will help lead to the attainment of the desired result. The accepted guiding principles require traders to:

  • Open a forex demo account with the same amount of trading capital as is intended when real-money trading commences.
  • Carefully enter their details during registration to ensure that no mistakes are made.
  • Crosscheck the information provided to make sure that no mistakes were made.
  • Run the demo account on the same platform that they will use for the live trading account.
  • Take demo trading very seriously as if the trading operations are being done in an actual trading environment.


It is evident that forex demo trading accounts are intended to help traders to become acquainted with a system and ways of profiteering in the financial markets. Whether you’re completely new to trading or you just want to test out a new trading strategy, forex demo accounts are beneficial to all traders. Demo accounts guide new traders on how to use a trading platform appropriately, which is important if they are to get off to a successful start. For established traders, it offers an opportunity for them to trade in a risk-free environment that closely mirrors the real markets.