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Spring Essentials A Bobbi Brown Giveaway 1. : I maty bague or blanc diamant noir use this pretty little hunk of a thing everyday once the bague or jaune ruban weather turns bracelet homme cuir plat warm. Perfect for the cheeks and as an eyeshadow, bracelet homme cuir asos it gives just the right amount of bronzing. And it lasts forever! groupon bague or blanc I’ve had mine for a year now and I haven’t even made a dent in it. 2. bague or blanc 18 carat Moroccan Oil: This is prix bague or blanc 750 a new discovery from my beauty supply store shopping trip, and the claims are true! It really does smooth out flyaways, bracelet homme lotus style makes your hair shiny and bracelet homme en anglais smooth. Oh and the added bonus is that it smells wonderful. coque iphone 4. Maybelline Coral Crush Lipstick: I’m not the type bague or tressee of girl that takes lipstick color advice from just anyone, but when Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere recommends bague or gris pas cher it, bague or jaune diamant taille 48 ou 46 I tend to take it a bracelet homme bizzbee little more seriously. She’s bague or deformee right, this bague or quartz vert is a great spring and summer shade for all hair and skin colors. coque huawei coque samsung 5. coque iphone Fresh Sugar Perfume: This is the only perfume that I own and wear. coque iphone Seriously, ’nuff said. I love the light, sweet, tangy scent of it. coque huawei Absolutely the perfect scent for the warm desert weather. 6. bijoux pas cher coque huawei Eucerin SPF 30 bague or femme avec pierre daily sunscreen face moisturizer: This face moisturizer is lightweight, doesn’t cause break outs on my skin and the best part is it’s rather inexpensive and I can find it at a grocery store, drug store or Target. 7. This is a light, chalky color and I’m sure not for emeraude bague or jaune everyone. But I like the subtle hint of lavender, and since it’s part of their wedding collection, perfect for a weekend wedding. iphone 11 case 8. Vitamin C Energizing Face Spray from Body Shop: I received this as a gift a bague or jaune carrefour couple of years back from our house model at my old job. It’s a refreshing spray that you can spritz over bague or feuille de laurier makeup to give you a little lift. Smells and feels fantastic. coque samsung So bague or ros there you have it folks. I’m not one of those beauty supply crazies that has a closet full of stuff, rather I have just bought a few things here and there over the years. These 8 things are all some of my favorites. Now for bague or blanc et diamant blanc et noir the exciting part! I am hosting a giveaway. My very first giveaway in fact. Well just because. It’s not because I’ve opened an Etsy shop, or it’ the anniversary of my blog or anything like that. Because I’m going bague or blanc ceramique bleu on a 4 day mini vacation with my family tomorrow. coque samsung Because my best friend is getting married! Because all of my special orders are complete. Because I am thankful and appreciative for all of you! Leave a comment telling me anything, you’re favorite beauty product, what you’d like to try, anything really and receive an entry. Become a follower and receive an entry (just click on subscribe to posts towards the bottom of the page). coque samsung But what the heck, I’m not the first blogger to do it 🙂 And what will some lucky lady win Your very own BOBBI BROWN BRONZING SHIMMER BRICK!!! Yes, that’s bracelet homme kaamelott right. In no time at all one of you lucky ladies will have a pretty shimmery glow to your face and all your friends will be asking you what you did.

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