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People in Denmark Are a fausses boucles d’oreilles homme Lot Happier Than People in the United States Last week, in Denmark, Malthe and Lrke Knudson had a baby girl they named Emma. coque huawei coque samsung That same day, the Robinsons Dale and Beth had a little baby in the United States. coque iphone They called her Rachel.1 Right now, they’re just two little babies keeping their parents awake at night. bijoux pas cher coque iphone But Emma and Rachel were born in countries that have boucles d’oreilles or et zirconium very boucles d’oreilles fantaisie toulouse different priorities, and that’s going to lead to pretty different futures.2 It all boils down to this: Though Danes pay a lot more boucles d’oreilles fantaisie chez claire’s than Americans in taxes and government fees, they get a whole lot more back in social services.3 As a result, Americans end up spending twice as much out of pocket for those social goods and services. coque iphone coque samsung Let’s see how that boucles doreilles fantaisie pendantes pas cher photos plays out over their two lives.4In six boucles d’oreilles or blanc diamants noirs et blancs months, Emma will probably enroll in preschool. coque iphone coque huawei By law, every 6 month old Danish baby boucles doreilles fantaisie de luxe is guaranteed high quality preschool, and parents can’t be charged more than a quarter of the cost of those services. Parents who can’t afford it They don’t have to pay.5 In the United States, kids from low income families are often eligible for full time Head boucles d’oreilles fantaisie etsy Start programs. Even then, the program only has enough funding for a half million slots nationwide. coque huawei But the boucles doreilles fantaisie pendantes bleues Robinsons make too much to qualify, so they’ll either have to park little Rachel with Dale’s mom, or one of them will have to get a second job to help cover the cost of daycare. coque huawei That little luxury could set the Robinsons back as much as $22,000 a year.6 Danes receive a child boucles doreilles fantaisie pendantes noires benefit which starts with $225 a month at birth, and goes to $140 a month from age 7 to 17. coque samsung That’s not a benefit just for poor people, everyone gets it!It boucles d’oreilles dormeuses fantaisie pas cher costs a lot to raise kids these days no matter where you live, but the Knudsons will enjoy a child benefit which starts at $225 a month. When Emma hits age seven, they’ll boucles d’oreilles fantaisie bordeaux get $140 a month until she’s 17. coque samsung That’s not a benefit just for poor people; everyone gets boucles d’oreilles or createur it!7 Rachel, on the other hand, will have to start learning some cool tricks ASAP in boucles d’oreilles fantaisie pierre order to get into a decent elementary school and prepare herself for a high school that will help her get into a good grossiste boucles doreilles fantaisie college.8Some American schools are world class, but others, often serving students from low income families, can rank down there with those in developing countries.9 That means the Robinsons may soon be shopping for a house in another school district a notion that would never even occur to the Knudsons, because all of the public schools in Denmark are really good.10 Free College Emma and Rachel are both good students, and they’ll both go to college when they get older. In Denmark, almost every college student attends public colleges and universities, which don’t charge tuition.11 Rachel will navigate a very different educational system. coque iphone coque iphone And again, boucles d’oreilles or blanc ethniques they’ll have very different experiences.13 If Rachel is lucky, she’ll get two weeks a year of paid vacation, grossiste boucles d’oreilles fantaisie but maybe not the US is the only industrialized nation that does not require any amount of paid vacation. boucles d’oreilles fantaisie tendance Emma, like most full boucles doreilles fantaisie vertes time workers in Denmark, is guaranteed five weeks of paid vacation time a year.14 That doesn’t include the nine public holidays, which most employees boucles d’oreilles fantaisie mariage get. bijoux pas cher coque iphone coque iphone And many Danes enjoy a sixth week of paid vacation during the holidays. And that’s how you relax like a Viking!15 Leisure Time Danes and Americans have similar incomes, but Americans work a whopping 24 boucles d’oreilles homme noir percent more hours per year.

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